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Death Toll [Roleplay]

With the apparent death of Banekeril, the Oarsman of Ages, concerns have been raised about how his absence may impact things that have been taken for granted. As the full moon rises over Jastery's shard, a faun prepares to undertake a journey to discover the truth.



Nearly a mest and a half ago, several adventurers from Jastrey made a journey to the nether to determine the fate of the Ferryman, alleged to be an aspect of Banekeril, the Oarsman of Ages. After encountering a reaper at the shore of the River of Souls, Varian asked to accompany it through the deep nether, to the Last City itself...


Bronze Beasts: A Debt to be Paid

In the previous year, Adventurers from Jastrey traveled to the far distant northern shores of Glesmyr to acquire cannons. Three were loaned out with the promise that they would be returned at some point after Jastrey had defended itself. Grimgi, the chief engineer from Lovenia, has made the call for the cannons to be returned, but the cannons were either taken from Jastrey or destroyed by the nearly victorious Sardian Army during the assault. 

Grimgi is not pleased, and there is a debt to be paid. He summons you back to Glesmyr, back to Lovinia, he and his engineers have a task that was deemed suitable as a payment of this debt. 


Rat Bastards!

A posting hangs on the board outside the tavern. It reads, “Seeking new adventurers or friends out for a good time: Our farm requires simple pest control. Please see Maise the Cheese-seller at her stall for details.” It might be good to give back to the community, go on a simple quest here in town...


Phantasmal Quagmire

What an incredible  feast it was. Nothing was left to the wanting. Everyone attending found their favorite tasty bits among the spread that out on the tables. Bellies full, it is suggested that you all step outside the tavern to enjoy a freshly tapped barrel of Tarkalsys Tea. The pouring of the mugs had no more than begun, when your vision dims and your head spins. Struggling to keep your feet, your legs buckle... darkness.


Tell a Classic Story

Two households, both alyke in Dignity

In fairest Broma where they bred their sin,

From settled grudge break to new mutiny 

Where ageing  hands do fresh revenge begin.

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes 

A tale of star-cross’d lovers ends in woe

Whose misadventured piteous overthrows

Did with their love bury Marcutio.

So with his raging curse he plagued them all:

The Flauntagues and Fiteulots alike.

A poet’s justice shall upon them fall,

Their guilts and fears consume them alive. 

Now madness doth upon dark Broma bend;

Benvolio seeks to redeem his friend.


Istwa the Storyteller has returned to warmer climes to visit her acquaintances in Jastrey. To add to the celebrations, she will call upon the greatest bard of them all: Woldiwuz Shookspiered. All are familiar with the great love of Romeo and Juliet, but the story goes on….


The Awakening of Lucinda Aleron

A strange hum fills the air. Distorted light shimmers in all directions, suddenly coalescing above, as both light and sound. A flash, a whistle... and then silence. A split moment later a grizzled and broken man falls from nowhere to land slumped on the ground before you.



>>> This adventure is heavy with puzzles. <<<


The Nexus Ball

For the heroes of Jastrey, there is much about which to be concerned, all of which hangs over the city like a dismal cloud. However, let us not forget that, though there is darkness, there is also light. Gather together this Second's Seventh of Mentrischt for a night of celebration at the Nexus Ball! Celebrate the advent of two new Jastreyan immortals, the perseverance of your companions, and the reclamation of the Nexus. Pull out your fancy wear and cook up your favorite dish to share; The Shady Corner will provide the main course.