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Operation Apocalypse

The Battle in Coastimland rages on where forces from the Crystal Fists, Lightbringers, and Truthguard continue to draw the ire of Dhuroscht’s seemingly endless forces; it seems as though neither side is close to giving way. Meanwhile, shards away, two Crystal Fists make their way into The Shady Corner, ready to enact the next stage of Operation Apocalypse.


The Island of Stone

Golem Masterpieces is pleased to announce their grand opening with a free tour of their island factory! All participants will receive a Masterpiece golem of their very own at the end of the tour.


The Awakening of Lucinda Aleron

A strange hum fills the air. Distorted light shimmers in all directions, suddenly coalescing above, as both light and sound. A flash, a whistle... and then silence. A split moment later a grizzled and broken man falls from nowhere to land slumped on the ground before you.



>>> This adventure is heavy with puzzles. <<<


The Last Crusade

A commotion in the street outside the Shady Corner draws your attention; a crowd has gathered and you overhear talk of ships and soldiers in frantic and worried tones. Stepping outside, you look toward the lake, but see no ships. More people come running towards the crowd, "More have arrived! They're just outside the gate!" A shadow falls over the crowd and they all go silent as they look up; an airship making its way over Jastrey. As your gaze follows its course, you can see sails gathered outside the wall.